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Thursday, February 16, 2006

271. Vinegar:Water mixture affects marble flooring?

Toilet Training Your First Puppy in Singapore

This female, 14-week-old Jack Russell had 2 eye-patches. What was interesting was her head gear with two horns. I had not seen such an apparel. "It was purchased in Hong Kong," the owner tried to cover her puppy's head. It made her look like a little cow.

"The puppy did not have her second vaccination," the lady owner said, pointing to the January 15, 2006 date due for 2nd vaccination.

"She has her second vaccination," I said. "Otherwise she would not have the 2nd set of vaccine labels." I was surprised that my vaccination form was hard to understand.
She was due on January 15, 2006 for the 3rd vaccination but it was overdue. It was now February 17, 2006.

The owner understood what I meant by vaccine labels as I stuck a set of 2 vaccine labels below the first two sets.

This Jack Russell was rather quiet. Not the high-energy dynamo. She sat quietly.

"How did you do toilet training for the past 2 weeks you had her?" I assumed it would be easy since the puppy was older.

"Put her in the playpen with newspapers and the urine spray onto the papers. Half of the playpen is covered with papers. The other half is her soft towel bed in which she sleeps."

So, I assumed she was successful in toilet-training.

"But the puppy pees and poops everywhere when let out of the playpen!"

This is a common complaint.

"The urine smells of the floor tiles attract her to eliminate on the floor," I said. "Use vinegar:water 50:50 to neutralise the smell of the urine."

"It may not be advisable," the owner replied. "The marble floor may be bleached or stained."

"In that case, use clean cloth and your recommended marble floor cleaner," I suggested. "Or confine her in the kitchen as the floor tiles there are easier to clean." All modern Singapore condos have marble floor tiles in the living and dining area and vinegar may or may not stain them.

It would have been good if I have an instruction manual. Or the pet shop has one when they sell the playpen. Would this Jack Russell be paper-trained fast since the owner did not know how to do it? I do not have the answer.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

270. E-MAIL Big Breed Toilet Training in master bathroom

Toilet Training Your First Puppy in Singapore



<> wrote:
hi Dr, im lashimi..yesterday my fiance presented me with a 4mth old labrador puppy....i have forgotten how to toilet train a i was wondering if u can give me some tips as he is a big size dog....i have currentl put him in my master bedroom toilet....we have sacrificed it....hope to hear from you soon...thank u....

E-MAIL REPLY Feb 15, 2006 from Dr Sing.

1. I presume you live in an apartment.
2. Have a schedule for feeding and exercise.
3. Watch for signs of wanting to go to the toilet e.g. turning, sniffing the floor, circling, squatting, whining. Bring the puppy to the bathroom immediately.
4. Say "pee here". If he does a good deed, say "good boy/girl", praising a lot and give a treat.
5. Puppy should not be confined to the bathroom for more than 3 hours.
6. You can also bring the puppy downstairs or masterbathroom after waking up, after feeding and when you see signs of wanting to go to the toilet.

Let me know what you plan to do and how successfull you are. Thanks.

269. Dog Treats in Toilet Training. "What's in it for me?"

Toilet Training Your First Puppy in Singapore

Some owners are not aware that dog treats can be used for toilet training of the new puppy.

Treats are tastier than the regular dog food.
Giving treats make dog training a fun and enjoyable experience.
You show love and attention to your puppy by giving treats
The puppy is encouraged to work harder to your satisfaction by receiving treats.

For other owners, the puppy will wait for the treat after doing a good deed. In one case, the puppy barks if he is not given a treat after going to the right toilet location!

You need to calculate the calories. Make sure that treats and people food are not more than 10% of the food given to the puppy for the day. If not, weight gain.

Verbal cue, patting on the head, lavish praises and treats make training fun and enjoyable. Easier to remember the lesson.